Customise your payment slip

You can place information about your company, conditions, advertising, general terms and conditions, etc., at the top of your payment slip, which is printed on an A4 page. This support article will tell how this works in detail.






Create a PDF containing the information you would like to place at the top of the payment slip. Only PDFs in A4 format can be uploaded. If the content of your PDF takes up more space, bexio will automatically overwrite this information with the payment slip.



Set up

  1. Go to "settings" – "document template".
  2. Edit the desired template.
  3. You will find the option " Show payment slip on separate page " in the settings for invoices. Once this is enabled, the "set background for payment slip page" option will be available to you, where you can upload a PDF from your computer. 
    (Please note: this selection is only available if you have selected the template for invoices ).
  4. Save your custom version.
  5. Create and print your invoices as usual.







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