Activate Visa, Mastercard and TWINT from Worldline/SIX Payment Services

Set up the payment link from Worldline/SIX Payment Services to enable your customers to pay via Visa, Mastercard and TWINT.

These payment options can be provided by sending your invoices to your customers by e-mail using the appropriate bexio network link.




How do I create and connect a Worldline/SIX Payment Services account?

First, open the following path: “Settings”> “All Settings”> “Features & Modules”> “Payment Services”. Click "Add Payment Service" and select “Worldline/SIX Payment Services”.



In the next pop-up, click on "Sign up now!" to create a new Worldline/SIX Payment Services account. (You will be redirected immediately to a SIX Payment Services website)



Step 1 - after your registration with «Worldline SIX Payment Services»

After your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail from «Worldline SIX Payment Services» (in less than 15 minutes according to experience). Register via «mySaferpay»: 

→ You will receive a text message with your user name on the mobile phone registered with the order.
→ The password is the same as the one you used when ordering online.


Step 2

Go to “settings” > "Payment Means / Terminals".

Note: Please note that the user interface of Worldline | SIX Payment Services may differ from the screenshots placed here.

→ Copy the «Customer ID» and «eCommerce» («Terminal ID») and paste them into the input field in bexio.


3_details_en.png Bildschirmfoto_2019-11-15_um_11.22.48.png


Step 3

Create a new «JSON API» login under "Settings" > "JSON API Basic Authentication".

→ Set a password (and copy it) and a description.
→ After creating the «JSON API», copy the code under «Username» in the overview.
→ You then enter these two details in the input field in bexio.



Step 4

Now you have entered all access data. Confirm this with «Save». And you are connected!




How quickly can I use the services of SIX Payment Services?

SIX Payment's verification process usually takes between 3-15 working days (not the same for every company). Any copies of identification documents, signatures or other documents required by the provider SIX Payment Services must be sent directly to for authentication, so that the verification procedure can be completed and the services can be made available. 



Set Worldline/SIX Payment Services as default

Go to: “Settings”> “All Settings”> “Features & Modules”> “Payment Services”. Click on "Actions" in Worldline/SIX Payment Services and select "Set as default". (This setting will be applied to all new invoices)





Activate Worldline/SIX Payment Services on previously created invoices

1. Go to the invoice where you want to activate the payment service retrospectively.
2. Open the "Conditions" tab.
3. Under "Payment Services", tick the box beside "Worldline/SIX Payment Services" to activate the service.
4. Confirm this with "Save entries".

Note: The invoice must be in “Draft” status. (Support article: Edit an invoice again)




If, in the online document, your customer now clicks on "Pay Now" and "Visa", "Mastercard" or "Twint", they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate website where the invoice can be paid. The invoice is then automatically set to "paid" in bexio.


Payment using TWINT


Payment using Visa or MasterCard




Activate additional currencies

In order to activate other currencies such as "GBP" / "USD" / "EUR", please have the contracts sent to you by "Worldline | SIX Payment Services". Please send an e-mail for this purpose:



Accounting in bexio

Provided the customer pays via the bexio invoice under: "Pay Now", the transaction is booked via the default Account 1029 (Bank System Account). Please note that this information may differ because the account number can be changed as desired.

Recommendation: If the account number and the account name of this System Account are changed, the traceability for technical support is also made more difficult.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not make any changes to this account. If you have already made changes: Check the journal, after an automatic payment via a Worldline/SIX Payment Service, to see in which account it has been booked. 

Expense booking: You can manually enter any expenses by using "Manual postings". For further questions, please contact your accountant or financial adviser directly. (Find Accountant)



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