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How do I activate the QR invoice?

If you want to set up the QR invoice on your postal or bank account, go to bexio's banking area and click on "Add bank account" in the top right corner. If you have an existing account in which you want to set up the QR invoice, click on "Edit bank account".


Check the box for "invoice with QR code" at the bottom of the page, then the corresponding settings will open.




The Setup Options

There are three different ways to set up the QR invoice:


Our recommendation: Have you ever offered your customers the orange payment slip with reference no. (ESR for short) as a payment method? Then, it's recommended that you activate the equivalent QR code for the 2nd setting «QR-IBAN» (No. 2).
1. «IBAN with Creditor Reference»

This is suitable for those who have small invoice volumes and international reference numbers. It can also be used for international invoicing. You do not necessarily receive the creditor reference number back, which may make the reconciliation more complicated. However, there is a high probability that the automated reconciliation will still work with this option. (For unfulfilled criteria, manual assignment to enable the reconciliation is still possible.)
2. «QR-IBAN» (+ QR-Reference-ID)

This option is suitable for those with high invoice volumes. It corresponds to the orange payment slip, with its reference (ESR). With this option, the automated reconciliation of credits can be guaranteed, provided, of course, that the invoice recipient has entered the payment details correctly. The QR IBAN and QR Reference ID will be assigned by your bank.

❯ The QR IBAN is a normal IBAN ID, which identifies the financial institution. The number will be between 30,00 and 31,999. (E.g. CH44 3015 7123 0008 8901 2). You will receive this IBAN from your bank and must enter it.

QR Reference ID: If you previously worked with the ESR procedure in bexio, the «QR Reference ID» is selected automatically. Otherwise, this field can be left blank.
3. «IBAN only»

This is suitable for those with small invoice volumes. It corresponds to the red payment slip and uses the normal IBAN. An IBAN payment cannot be assigned to an invoice automatically if the reference number is non-existent. Therefore, an automated reconciliation will not be possible. (Manual assignment for reconciliation is still possible.)

Procedure in the event of deviations between the amount paid and the invoice total.

If you work with the QR method, you have the option of automatically accepting and reconciling a payment, even if the entire billed amount has not been transferred. This could be the case, for example, if you want to grant a discount to your customers.

 An example

  • I accept deviations of CHF 5.- or 2%
  • A invoice for CHF 100.- is paid with CHF 96. The invoice is automatically compared because the amount is within the CHF 5.-
  • Another invoice for CHF 1,000 is paid with CHF 986. The invoice is automatically compared because the amount is within 2%
  • Another invoice of CHF 500.- is paid with CHF 470.-. The invoice is not automatically compared, as the missing amount is outside both the CHF 5.- and the 2% 




Creating a payment with QR-Invoice 

You can select the QR-Invoice in Banking when entering a payment.


Please note the following when entering a payment with QR-IBAN:

  • QR-IBAN payment can only be recorded with a reference number (QR reference)

Example QR-IBAN payment:



When entering a payment via QR invoice using any IBAN, please note the following

  • IBAN payment can contain a reference number but it is not mandatory. The Reference number field can also be left blank.

Example IBAN payment




Printing the QR-Invoice

When printing the QR invoice, make sure that the correct bank account is selected in the invoice settings. For each bank account, you can only have activated either the orange payment slip or the
QR -Invoice. As soon as the QR invoice is activated in banking, we automatically overwrite the orange payment slip.


In the document templates, you can set in the bottom left corner that the QR-Invoice is displayed on a separate page when printed.



Positioning QR invoices

The positioning of QR invoices cannot be changed in bexio, since bexio automatically adjusts the positioning to meet the official SIX standards. If the margins are cut off or something similar occurs, please check your print settings.

When QR invoices are printed, the scissors symbol is always printed as well. There is no option to omit the symbol because we have no way of knowing whether the invoice will be printed on perforated paper or normal paper. If you use normal paper, the scissors must appear on the printout to conform with the SIX standards. If you use perforated paper, please look for an option in the printer settings that allows you to match the printout to perforated paper.



"Payable by" does not appear on QR invoices

If no recipient is shown on a QR invoice under "Payable by", this is because the details of the recipient have not been entered completely. 

When the country, street, house number, postal code or town is missing, the address does not appear because the invoice would be refused by the financial institution.

Please enter all the missing details for the invoice recipient in the bexio contacts module.



QR Invoice in detail

The QR Invoice has:

  • A number and reception part
  • Consists of a human-readable part (text) and machine-readable part (QR code)
  • All payment-relevant information is contained in both parts


Image: The payment section of the QR Invoice in detail


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