Creating creditor / bill (New Purchase Module)


Creating a new bill

There are 3 ways to create a supplier invoice.

Recommendation: Option 1 via bexioGo is the best import option if you have a QR invoice. If you have an ESR invoice, you can also import it via bexioGo. However, in the latter case this method does not extract any data from the invoice, and only an empty supplier invoice is created with the scanned document and the assigned contact.

Option 1

Create a supplier invoice via the bexioGo app

  1. Open the scanning function in the bexioGo app on your mobile phone.
  2. Select “Scan in and create a supplier invoice”.
  3. Scan the document and then select the contact.
  4. Upload the document. The supplier invoice will be created in the bexio app.


Open the bexioGo app and select “Scan documents”. You can then choose whether you want to send the document via email or create a supplier invoice directly.

d1.jpg d2.png


Scan the supplier invoice, including the QR code. This can then be read by the bexio app. Then select the contact and confirm this with “Upload supplier invoice to bexio”.

d3.jpg d4.jpg  


The supplier invoice has been automatically created in the bexio app under “Procurement” → “Supplier invoices” and is in “Draft” status. The scanned document has been linked to the document. If the QR code has also been scanned, the input fields under “Payments” → “QR invoice” will be filled in automatically.


Option 2

Create a supplier invoice via email

  1. Go to “Apps” → “Email”.
  2. Upload the document and click the “three-dot menu”.
  3. Select “New supplier invoice”
  4. Then select the contact.


Under “Apps” → “Email” click “Upload” in order to directly upload a document. “Additional information about uploading files via email”.



Click the “three-dot menu” and then “New supplier invoice”. A supplier invoice is created with the selected document.



Then select the contact for the supplier invoice.


Option 3

Create a supplier invoice via “Procurement”

  1. Open “Procurement” → “Supplier invoices”.
  2. Select “New supplier invoice”
  3. Then select the contact.


Go to “Purchase” → “Bill” and click “New bill”.



Then select the contact for the supplier invoice.



You can then upload your document on the right-hand side of the supplier invoice.


Attach document to the supplier invoice

According to the principle that no posting should be made without supporting documentation, you can attach the original account invoice as a document. If the document has not been attached/linked via options 1 or 2, you can do this on the right-hand side of the supplier invoice.

    • By clicking "Upload file...", you can drag documents/files directly from your computer either using the "Drag & Drop" function or by uploading them using the "Select files" button.
    • Or if you click “…or select files from inbox”, you can attach documents that you have already uploaded to your inbox, uploaded via the bexioGo app, or sent via email. “More information on how to upload files to your inbox“.



If documents have already been linked, you can still upload additional documents and link them to the supplier invoice.



If the link to a document is broken, you can correct this using "three-dot menu".


Input fields of the supplier invoice

You can adjust the heading and numbering of the supplier invoice yourself directly in the supplier invoice. You can enter the invoice date, currency, supplier reference, contact person, and due date directly in the supplier invoice. You can select the posting account under "Posting account" and then add the corresponding VAT rate. There is no tax-exempt option in the supplier invoice. You must enter a 0% VAT rate if you want the equivalent of a tax-free amount.



By clicking “Post”, you can post the supplier invoice, or, alternatively, you can save it as a draft by clicking in the top right corner. You have now created a supplier invoice.

Additional items and discounts

If the supplier invoice consists of several items, you can use “Split into separate items”.


You can then add several items or a discount.



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