Creating creditor / bill (New Purchase Module)

New supplier invoice

You can create a new supplier invoice via "Purchasing" -> "Supplier invoices".

 Select the appropriate contact for the supplier invoice. 


You can adjust the title and number of a supplier invoice in the invoice itself.

The invoice date, currency, supplier reference number, contact person and due date can also be entered directly in the supplier invoice. 

Select the account where you want to book the invoice under "Booking account" and then add the appropriate VAT rate. The "Tax-exempt" option does not exist in supplier invoices, since this must be entered at a 0% VAT rate if it is to be tax-free.


A supplier invoice can be booked by selecting "Book now" or saved as a draft in the top right-hand corner. The supplier invoice has now been created. 


Uploading multiple items, discount + documents

If the supplier invoice lists multiple items, you can use "Split into items" to add multiple items or add a discount. 

In keeping with the principle "no booking without a document" you can also attach the original invoice as a document in your bexio account. More information can be found in the article "Uploading files to a supplier invoice".


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