Edit a bill (New Purchase Module)

Supplier invoice statuses:

In "draft" status

If the supplier invoice is in "draft" status (under the three dots in the top right-hand corner), you re-edit it. For example:

  • Edit items again (modify account, modify VAT rate, etc.)
  • Add line items
  • Customize the contact information

In "Paid" status

If the supplier invoice is in "Paid” status, you must first delete the outgoing payment. This may also have been posted via a bank transaction. In this case, you first cancel the reconciliation directly via the Banking menu option. The following article explains how you can cancel the reconciliation:  RECONCILING BANK TRANSACTIOSS

The supplier invoice is then in "posted" status and can be reset to Draft status as described above.

After modification, you either manually re-enter the outgoing payment again or go to the bank transactions in the banking area and modify the transaction again.


In "Bank payment entered" / "downloaded" / "transmitted status

If the supplier invoice is in "Bank payment entered” or "Bank payment downloaded / transmitted” status, you must first cancel the entered bank payment directly in the supplier invoice using the link under "Payments". 

Afterwards, the status of the supplier invoice automatically changes to "posted" and can be reset to Draft status as described above.


Bank payment entered

You must enter this payment again so that it can be paid from the payment list in banking.

Bank payment downloaded / transmitted

This payment has already been downloaded as an EPO file and either uploaded by you in e-banking or is still on your computer. In the case of the transferred payment, the payment has already been transferred to your bank. You can therefore leave the status of the supplier invoice as it is and there is no need to enter the payment again.

Reconcile transaction

After the supplier invoice has been processed again, the transaction can be reconciled in Banking. If you carry out the reconciliation again, the canceled payment is automatically proposed as the reconciliation. In this case, you must first switch to "manual posting" on the right-hand side and then back to "matching" so that you can reconcile the transaction with the supplier invoice.


Do not forget to reset the supplier invoice to its original status after you have made the necessary changes.




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