Why am I not able to adjust my net tax rate?

If you cannot adjust your net tax rate, then one of the situations described below applies to you. We will explain the steps that you need to take to adjust your net tax rate.

  1. My net tax rate has not yet been used in any posting, but it has already been saved to documents.
    If your net tax rate has not yet appeared in any posting, but it already appears in documents (which are still in draft status), then it is in an interim stage. It can no longer be edited, since it is already saved in a document, but it cannot yet be adjusted, since there are no postings to recalculate. You now have two options for editing or adjusting the tax rate.
    a) You can remove the net tax rate from all documents in draft status. After that, you will be able to reedit the rate, since now it will be unused.
    b) You change the document's status from draft to open, which will result in the creation of a posting. - You can now adjust the net tax rate, and the posting will be recalculated using the new net tax rate. 
    Tip: After you have adjusted the document, you can set it back to draft status.

  2. I have already closed VAT periods
    Once the net tax rate that you want to adjust has been used in a closed period or in the same year when the tax rate was used, then a period already exists. You must first open the period before you can adjust the net tax rate.

  3. I have sales tax postings in net-taxed years.
    You can read more about this in the article: Why are postings with a sales tax rate not allowed under net tax?

  4. I have posted payments before they were invoiced.
    If you have payments for invoices, vendor invoices, and credit memos that are dated before the creation date of those documents, you cannot use the adjustment function because this would lead to an error. We recommend that you map these cases correctly via the customer account so that you can use all of the features of bexio correctly.
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