Why was my bexio account blocked and how do I unblock it?

When is a bexio account blocked due to unpaid invoices?

In principle, we allow you 30 days to pay the invoice. After this payment period has expired, you will receive payment reminders from us by e-mail. If we have not been able to record a payment from you even after the reminder periods, your account will be temporarily suspended. This is the case 63 days after receipt of the invoice.


What can I do to remove the suspension?

There are 2 ways to unblock your account:

1. you pay the bill by bank transfer through the payment slip (ESR). Please note that the unblocking will only take place once we have been able to book the payment. This usually takes about 1-3 working days. To speed up the process, you can send us a payment receipt as a PDF by email to

2. if you would like your account to be unblocked immediately, you can alternatively register your credit card as a payment method. Then send an email to and we will debit the amount of the open invoice to unlock your account immediately.

You can find out how to add the credit card in the following article.


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