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bexioGo replaces our existing «bexio Scanner» & «bexio Contacts» mobile apps and combines them in a single app! Switch to the unified app today and benefit from improved stability and future new features!

Download the new app from your app store:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

N.B.: No data will be transferred from the old scanner app. Any documents that have not yet been uploaded should first be uploaded with the old scanner app so that they are not lost.

Available languages: DE, FR, EN
The old apps will be discontinued: in December 2020





bexioGo feature overview

Managing contacts

  • Your contacts are always available on your smartphone, even if you have no internet connection
  • Edit your contacts / create new contacts
  • Contacts from several companies can be viewed separately
  • Contacts can be reached directly from the app (by phone, email or text message)
  • More additional information is available, such as location, website, comments etc.

Scanning documents

  • Documents such as invoices or receipts can be scanned very quickly
  • Multi-page document scans
  • Crop and rotate images and arrange the order of scans
  • Documents can be scanned in portrait or landscape format
  • The flash can be activated manually when performing a scan
  • Documents are uploaded as PDFs to your inbox, where you can continue to process them

Manage several companies in parallel

  • If you have several companies in bexio, they can be managed in parallel with the bexioGo app



Installing the "bexioGo" mobile app

The bexioGo App is available in the Apple App Store (for iPhones) & Google Play Store (for Android phones). Please note that the app can only be used after registering with your bexio account credentials. Download the app now through the following links:

bexio Scanner App im App Store für iOS downloaden bexio Scanner App im Google Play Store für Android downloaden




    • Registration

      When you open the app for the first time, the bexio login screen will appear. Simply log in with your bexio account credentials and then tap "Register" to confirm.

    • Select your company

      Now you can select the company for which you would like to use bexioGo. You can add other companies later via "My bexio companies".

  • Access rights

    Tap "Allow" in the access authorisation screen to use the app.

My_bexio_Acc1.png IMG_6175.png



User guide – Menu

What can I find in the menu?

(1) Use the arrows to navigate between your company accounts.
(2) Select whether you want to manage your contacts,
(3) ...or want to scan a new document.
(4) You can manage your company accounts and add other accounts via "My bexio companies".




User guide - Managing contacts

How does the overview work?

Private and business contacts can be distinguished by means of the symbols to the left of the contacts.
Search criteria in the search field: [First & last name] / [Company name] / [Email address] / [Landline & mobile number]
Viewing contacts: Your contacts are available even if you don't have an internet connection!



What can I see in my contacts?

Interactive fields: The upper contact area with the icons on the right is interactive. Provided that the necessary information has been saved, the following functions are available directly from the app:

Sending emails

Making calls

Sending text messages

Visiting websites

Opening locations in a map

Copying information: Information from the interactive fields can be copied to the clipboard by long-pressing on the field. The following message will appear: "Text content copied to clipboard".



How do I create a new contact?

You can create a new contact by tapping the "plus" symbol.




How do I edit a contact?

By selecting a contact and opening it with the pencil icon.




How are my contacts synchronised?

Your contacts are synchronised automatically when you open the app.
To synchronise your contacts manually, drag your list all the way down until the "loading" circle is fully visible and then release.




User guide – Scanning documents

How do I create a new scan?

1. Click "Scan document" in the menu and select the appropriate process.
The document should be sent to your inbox. When you have scanned the document, it will immediately be accessible in your bexio account via "Apps" > "Inbox".



2. The document shape is recognized automatically. There are two different modes for triggering the photo:

(M) Manual triggering by the «Plus-button» (standard, for a few pages)
(A) Automatic triggering (for fast capture of many pages)

The automatic recognition of the document shape works best in good lighting conditions and with a high-contrast background (white paper on dark background).

For multiple pages, tap the symbol repeatedly. You can delete pages that you have already scanned below the current scan. You can also switch the flash on and off. Confirm the completed scan with the arrow symbol "→".



3. In the next step you can do the following:

  • Tap on the "edit" icon in the bottom left corner.
    • Bottom left icon: crop scanned document.
    • Middle icon: Rotate document.
    • Bottom right icon: Save changes
  • Delete the scan with the trash icon.
  • Upload the scan to your bexio inbox with the cloud icon

a_-_preview_helpcenter.png a_-_crop.png 



Scan failed or should be deleted?

Drag the appropriate document to the left to delete it, or to upload it again if the first upload fails. You can also do this directly from the document with the cloud & trash icon.

Screenshot_20200513-085445_2.png Screenshot_20200513-101112.png


Delete all documents

If there are more than two scanned documents in the list, it is also possible to delete all documents. To do this, click on "Delete all" and confirm the subsequent dialogue window. Important: Documents that have already been uploaded will of course remain in your inbox in your bexio account; the documents will only be deleted locally from your device.




Where do I find the uploaded documents?

The documents are now available in your bexio account. Log in to bexio and open "Apps" > "Inbox".


You will see an overview of your scanned documents. Various actions can be performed from the inbox.



N.B.: Scans that are already in use (attached to a bexio document) are archived. To search for these scans, click on "In archive" in the filter. You will see all the scans that are in the archive.




Possible error messages

Error message Meaning
No network detected. Please try again later. Your mobile phone has no internet connection.
Maximum number of companies reached. An existing company needs to be removed before an additional one can be added. Currently, a maximum of 8 company accounts can be connected to the app.
Login account was not found or doesn't have the required permissions The email address and password do not match.
Maximum file size has been reached. Please go back and remove or edit the scans to make the file smaller. The maximum file size of 12MB has been exceeded. We recommend splitting the documents into two scans.
Upload for document "(name of document)" failed. Please retry or contact our support for further information. An error occurred when transmitting your document. If the error message continues to appear when you try again, please contact bexio Support.
You do not possess the required permissions to upload a file. Please contact your bexio administrator. The "Document upload" user authorisation must be provided before you can upload documents. The authorisation can be performed via "Settings" > "Packages, Add-ons and Users" > "Manage Users".
Please enable camera permissions and reopen bexioGo to scan documents. The access rights have not been granted on your mobile phone. If you grant the necessary access rights, the error message will disappear.
Please allow access to your photo library to save your documents. The access rights have not been granted on your mobile phone. If you grant the necessary access rights, the error message will disappear.



Feedback & further development

We would be happy if you helped us by offering your suggestions for the further development of the bexioGo app. Please use the feedback form.
We aim to offer you the greatest possible added value by using our development capacities in a targeted manner, so we look forward to receiving your valuable feedback!

How do you like the app?
Please let us know!



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