create expenses (New Purchase Module)



Create an expense

The purpose of the "Expenses" item in the bexio Purchasing menu is to provide a means of simply and efficiently entering expenses that were paid directly through a bank account (that has been linked to the Banking module).


The title and number of the expense can be changed in the expense entry itself.

The payment date, bank account, currency and supplier can be changed in the supplier invoice entry.

Select the account where you would like to book the invoice under "Booking account" and then specify the appropriate VAT rate.

The expense can now be booked.



Uploading a document

Documents can be uploaded directly to the box on the right of the expense via drag-and-drop, or directly from your PC or inbox.


You can also delete the link to the document, or download or rename the document accordingly.

More information on uploading documents can be found here: The bexio inbox & uploading files


Charging expenses to third parties

Recorded expenses can also be charged to third parties. To do this, create an invoice for the corresponding contact and add the expense under "Other items". First you will have to remove all the filters so you can see the expense and add the one that you have selected. 



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