Analysis of Timesheets (new module)

Ascertain the most essential key data for your projects in the analysis overview, as well as an overview of the recorded time periods.



First of all, you can use the filters to define your own view of the analysis yourself. The current month is filtered by default. However, you can also filter by time period, customer, project, employee, project type, and status.



Overview by employee

Depending on what you filtered, you can see which employees worked on any given projects and how many hours, for example, on a specified project within the filter period.



Overview by project

Here you are goven an overview of the general hours worked on a specific project.



Top 5 projects

Here you will be given an overview of the top 5 projects, based on the number of hours worked. You can also assess what percentage has already been charged and the total number of hours.




Here you have a similar view to the “Projects” view under- the “Timesheet” view in the list. This means that you are able to see all recorded times and can also edit time entries, together with other users, simultaneously, and change the status, or where to charge costs, for example. Excel and PDF export options are also available.



Export options

You can download the timesheet entries as an Excel or as a PDF



In the Excel export, the same view is displayed to you was in bexio itself:



In the PDF export, you basically have the same view. However, ultimately a list of the total hours, as well as the total hours to be charged, will be displayed in your view.



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