Synchronize working hours with bexio projects



Synchronize the recorded working hours of your employees with your payroll accounting with one click!

With the latest update, you can transfer recorded working hours from a bexio project or from Clockodo to your payroll accounting with one click. In this article, we will focus on the transfer of working hours from bexio projects.



Functional overview

With this new feature, you can synchronize the hours worked on projects by your employees under “Payroll Accounting” > “All employees” for each individual month. The number of hours is transferred directly from the projects to payroll.



Requirements for synchronization

  • The assignment of hours is based on the email address. For this reason, your employees must have the same email address stored for logging in, recording the hours worked on projects, as well as on the employee profile in payroll accounting. You can find this information as follows:
    • Projects:
      The times are always assigned to a contact person. You can find the email addresses of your contact persons for all users under “Settings” > “Packages, Apps, Users” > “Manage Users” or in the contact persons without login under “Settings” > “All settings” > “Functions & Modules” > “Contact person without login”
    • Payroll Accounting:
      The email address can be found on the employee profile under “Personal data”
  • The payslips for the corresponding month must be open

Example from bexio 

As soon as you click on “Transfer hours” and start synchronizing with bexio projects, a window opens with the allocation of your employees and their recorded hours:



Transferred data:
You will find all the data on matching employees in the first section. In this example, it is Ginny Weasley with 104 hours of work for the month of June.

Employees in your payroll accounting who were not found in the projects:
In the second section you will find all employees who were recorded in payroll, but for whom no data exists in the projects.

Contact person for your projects who were not found in payroll:
In the third section you will find all contact persons from bexio projects for whom no data exists in payroll accounting.

By clicking once on “OK”, the number of hours of all matching employees will be imported into the payslips for the corresponding month:




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