Balance carried forward in foreign currency

Particular attention must be paid to the closing and opening values in the annual financial statements. For general information on the provisional and final balances carried forward, please click here:
In this article we will focus on the balance carried forward for accounts in foreign currency (e.g. EUR or USD).


How to do it

The balance carried forward in bexio is only carried forward in the standard currency. In order for an account managed in foreign currency (e.g. 1021) to be opened with the foreign currency balance, two manual entries must be made via a transfer account.

  1. Clear the entire balance carried forward in the basic currency (e.g. CHF).
  2. Post the balance brought forward according to the closing balance (CHF) and the foreign currency amount (e.g. EUR).

The transfer account (e.g. 9901) is therefore zero in the basic currency and you have the correct balance carried forward in foreign currency. The balance sheet shows the balances in basic currency. The difference or minus amount in the foreign currency column can be ignored as the foreign currency balance is neither shown on the balance sheet nor carried forward. The result will look like this: 





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