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With LeanSync, you can integrate Swisscom's telephony in bexio. Instead of tediously typing the number of your contacts on the phone, simply click on the phone icon next to the contact and start the call.

Developer → Comitas AG
Support →
Website of the Partner →
Details for the Partner AppMarketplace

The conditions and further details can be found on our App Marketplace. The integration is charged directly by the partner. The conditions of bexio are not affected.

Information upon request: This app was developed by a third-party provider. Since they also built the integration with bexio, they are most familiar with the interface and how it works and will be happy to provide support if you have any questions.





How do I connect the app?

1. Follow the LeanSync order process

To put LeanSync into operation, please follow the instructions of LeanSync (Swisscom AG) which can be found on the following website: - Or click on «Add App» in the Marketplace.


2. Did you receive a key from LeanSync?

The key for the connection between Bexio and Leansync is available on Please log in to to get your personal key. If you have any problems or need support, please contact the provider directly at:


3. Activation LeanSync

Now activate in bexio under "Settings" → "Packages / Apps / Users" → "Apps" → "LeanSync".



4. Insert Key

Then you can go to "Your user name" → "Edit profile" → "LeanSync configuration", here you can insert the key and confirm with "Save".



5. Activation successful

The activation is thus successful and you can already start making calls in the contact overview.



How do I make a call?

Open your contact list in «Contacts». To make a call, click on the «phone icon» to the right of your contact's phone number.




Permission for additional users

Do you want to enable or disable LeanSync permission for a user in your company? Grant or remove the user rights under: «Settings» > «Packages, Apps, Users» > «Manage Users».



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