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Important: The “bexioGo” mobile app replaces the previous “bexio Scanner” & “bexio Contacts” apps and combines their functionality. We recommend that you switch over to the new app today, since we are no longer developing the old apps.
You can use the bexioGo Mobile App to manage your contacts, to enter times when recording services, and to upload documents, which can then be used to generate supplier invoices. This article describes how you can manage your contacts.

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Contact overview

Make sure you are signed in to the correct company. In the header, you can change the company using the “arrows” if you have created several. Tap “Manage contacts” in the menu. You will then be taken to the contact overview.

d0.jpg d2_2.jpg

The following are the search criteria that you can enter in the search field:
First & last name
Company name
Email address
Landline and cell phone number


Symbol differentiation

d1_2.jpg Company contacts
d1_2_2.jpg Private contacts

Internet connection

In order to synchronize your contacts with the ones that you manage in your bexio account, your phone must be connected to the Internet. However, you can still view your contacts while offline.

Contact details

The upper contact area, with the symbols on the right, is interactive. Provided that you have saved the associated information, you can access the following functions directly from our app:

Symbol Action
mceclip2.png Send email
mceclip3.png Call
mceclip4.png Send message
mceclip5.png Go to website
mceclip6.png Open address on map
Note: You can copy information from the interactive fields to the clipboard by “pressing and holding”. The message “Text content was copied to the clipboard” appears.

Create & edit a new contact

Create a new contact with the “plus symbol”. You can edit the contacts using the “pencil symbol” in the top right corner of an open contact.

d3.jpg d4.jpg

Archive contacts

Existing contacts can be easily archived in the contact overview or within the detail view (archive symbol). However, the contacts can currently only be retrieved from the archive via the web application.

Neuer_Screenshot_Archivieren_23.06.22.png    Neuer_Screenshot_archivieren.png

Filter contacts

In der Kontaktübersicht kann nach Personen, Firmen oder nächsten Geburtstagen gefiltert werden. Die nächsten Geburtstagen werden ausgehend vom aktuellen Tag absteigend sortiert dargestellt (basierend auf Tag und Monat des Geburtsdatums).



Your contacts are automatically synchronized when you open the app. To manually synchronize your contacts, pull your list all the way down until the “loading circle” is completely visible, then let go.



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