bexio Scanner App manual

In this article, you will learn how to download our scanner app and how the application works.


Functions of the bexio Scanner App

  • Quick document scanning (e.g. invoices or receipts)
  • Scanning of multi-page documents
  • Trimming and rotating of photographs including assembly of scans
  • Photographs can be shot in portrait or landscape mode
  • Manual activation of flash while photographing
  • Documents are uploaded as PDF files to the inbox where they can be further processed
    Interfaces are supported in German, French, English
  • Are you managing several companies with bexio? No problem: Simply select the one that’s relevant, upload it directly to the appropriate company account and post it


Downloading the bexio Scanner App

Download our bexio Scanner for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
Please note that you need a bexio account to be able to use this app.

Download the bexio Scanner for iOSDownload the bexio Scanner for Android


Setting up the scanner

After opening the app for the first time, the login appears in bexio. Log in with your bexio account. Confirm this with "Login".

After that, you can select the company you want to link to the scanner. You can add more companies later using the symbol with the three horizontal lines at the top left.
("Manage accounts" -> "+ Add account")


Press "Allow" in the access authorization so that you can use the app.


This is how the bexio Scanner works


Use the "Plus" symbol to create a new scan. Hold the camera of your mobile phone over the document. When the page margins are detected, the scan is automatically triggered.

If no scan is triggered, a manual scan can be performed using the lower button in the center.


Tip: Place your document on a plain background. The scanner recognizes the page margins more easily with optimal contrast to the document.

Finish the scan

Once the scan has been triggered, you can do the following:

1. Add page
2. Save scan
3. Rename document
4. Crop document
5. Rotate document
6. Delete scan


Tip: If the scanner did not detect the page margins properly, you can correct them using the fourth symbol.


Upload document

When the scan is complete, you will be redirected to the overview of your scanned documents. You can upload the scans with the "green cloud symbol" here.


Meaning of symbols:

Green cloud with arrow: Scan has been completed, document can be uploaded.
Blue cloud with ticks: Document has been uploaded and is now available in your bexio account.


Where do I find the uploaded documents?

Your documents are now available in your bexio account. Log in to bexio and open "Apps" -> "Inbox".


Here you get an overview of your scanned documents. You can perform various actions from here.


Note: Scans that are already in use (attachment in a bexio document) are archived.

To search for them, set a "Filter". Select "Archived?" -> "Yes" and then "Apply filter". Here you can see all scans that are in the archive.


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