Legal form Association

These legal forms are at your disposal:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Foundation
  • Joint-stock company (AG)
  • Limited liability company (GmbH)
  • Association

Association is a new addition. The legal form is defined when creating a test account. It can also be changed later under the company profile.

Test account

In the setup wizard, select the legal form “Association” during step 2 of 5.


If you choose the legal form "Association" when creating your test account, we automatically create the chart of accounts corresponding to the legal form "Sole proprietorship".  We use the standard account system of SME. It must then be adapted to the chart of accounts for the legal form “Association”.


Company profile

You can change the legal form in the company profile later under “Settings” -> “Company profile” -> “Legal form”.


If you change the legal form later, the chart of accounts does not change. You must adapt the chart of accounts yourself. 


Membership fees

To help you with billing for membership fees, we recommend that you use the recurring orders or invoices function recurring orders or invoices function.

A separate contact and order will need to be created for each member. However, you can copy orders to create them faster.

Create products for your various membership fees (use product type “Service”). Please note that you cannot enter placeholders for the years in the products. Instead of ‘Membership Fee 2019”, you would use “Annual Membership Fee”. 


Membership administration

Enter one contact for each member. Add categories to them so that they can be filtered. If you have a large number of contacts to import, we recommend that you use the import template

Does the administration of your members take up too much of your time?  Then check out our paid implementation services. Your benefits: Your contacts are already correctly stored from the start, allowing you to dispatch invoices without delay.

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