FAQs - Features of the contact list

Even after this technological modernisation, the contacts list still does what it should: it provides an overview of your contacts and helps you with contact management.

However, we took the opportunity to make some small improvements that make working with it even easier and more intuitive:

You can now customise the contact list according to your needs. All column settings are saved for every user individually and are then retained when you access the contact list again.


FAQ about the contact list


How can I make the columns bigger?

You can adjust the width of a single column by increasing or decreasing the column width at the right edge of the column header with the mouse button pressed.


How can I sort my contacts differently?

Click the title of the column you want to sort by. If you click once, the column will be sorted in descending order; clicking twice will sort the column in ascending order. If you click a third time, you will return to the default sorting.


How can I view other columns?

Click on "Columns" at the top right and select the columns you need and want to display.



How can I view the contact number?

Click on "Columns" at the top right and select the column "No.".


How can I change the order of the columns?

Click the column header with the mouse and, with the mouse button pressed, move the column within the list to the desired position (drag & drop).


How can I create my own filters?

Filter the list according to your needs, click on the star icon on the right ("Save filter"), and give the filter a name. Custom filters are stored individually per user and are visible next to the default filters "All" and "Archived". In addition, these filters are displayed in the "Filters" menu, where you can also delete them again.



Why can I not see all my custom filters?

Up to five custom filters are displayed next to the default filters "All" and "Archived". If you have created more custom filters, you will find them in the "Filters" menu. The filters are displayed in the order in which they were created.



Why does the export look different?

The Excel export has been given a new structure, with understandable headers. This is an important step towards harmonising the contact export and import.


Why can't I archive my contacts?

If you get an error message when archiving from the contact list, this may be due to a missing permission. Please check your user rights to see if you have permission to edit contacts.

Introduction to the new contact list

In this video, we will show you all the new features of the new list, and what you can do with it:

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